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Staying connected on the road is especially important in the modern era. Drivers are constantly looking to stay connected to friends and family, which has resulted in a rise in mobility-relevant information systems. BMW Connected is the latest and greatest personal mobility assistant designed to assist drivers in their day-to-day activities while on the road.

A major part of what makes the BMW Connected system so great is its innovative and constantly advancing technologies. Drivers with compatible iPhone® can seamlessly sync their device to the system thanks to Apple CarPlay® compatibility. Thanks to the smartphone compatibility software, drivers can access their personal music, texts, navigation, and more through the vehicle's touchscreen interface.

Drivers who enjoy traveling will find that Professional, the brand's navigation system, is practically made for them. Drivers will enjoy a 3-D map display, an 8.8-inch LCD color display, USB interface, and hands-free utilization.

The available BMW Head-Up Display is one of the latest safety technologies to make its way to models throughout the world. Drivers will have a visual display that provides vital information for the drive right in their field of vision. Information includes the vehicle's current speed, driving directions, speed limits, and much more.

A performance brand at heart, BMW offers a multifunctional instrument display with Black Panel technology. The 10.25-inch display features three different modes with their own specific displays. Each display has a unique color scheme and style. The three display modes include Eco Pro, Comfort, and Sport.

BMW is a brand that continues to make leaps and bounds in the automotive industry year after year. Their sheer dedication to constantly innovating and improving existing technologies knows no true competitor. At the end of the day, BMW reigns supreme as the tech-savvy, performance king of the industry.

See how advanced the BMW Connected system is today at Grayson BMW!

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