How Does The BMW X5 Stand Up To Its Competition, The Audi Q5?

When you require more space for both your passengers and cargo, an SUV is a great choice. The BMW X5 represents the performance and luxury SUV category perfectly with its many lavish features, exquisite exterior and interior design, and its premium performance tuned powertrains. It would be an outstanding choice for your new SUV, but how do you know that it's the right one?

There are many other luxury brand SUVs gracing the luxury and performance SUV market. The Audi Q5 is one of the BMW X5 model's greatest competitors and has many high-quality features that make it…


Save Big For The Holidays At Grayson BMW

It's time for the holiday season and we first of all want to wish you and yours a Happy Holiday! We know that you will be busy with the hustle and bustle that the season brings, but we encourage you put stopping at Grayson BMW on your to-do list. You won't want to miss the Holiday deals that we have in store!

Whether you are interested in a new or used BMW, we have ways to save money on both. Our new BMW specials consist of lower price tags on some of the hottest new BMW models on…

BMW Updates 3 Series Trim Levels and Engines

Loyal BMW drivers will be familiar with the automaker's world-famous 3 Series. For more than forty years this sport sedan has dominated the segment with balance, power, and refinement. For several years now, one of the engine options have included the 328i and 335i. But now, things have changed.


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We Are Open During Our Remodel!

We are currently undergoing a remodel for the front of our dealership. This remodel is being done to improve your experience at our dealership!

While this remodel is going on, we are open! No matter if you are in need of a new vehicle, or if you need to service your current driving option, or if you want to learn more about financing, our team is still here to assist you!


2016 BMW 3 Series Continues the Legend

It's hard to dispute the sales crown the BMW 3 Series has worn for nigh on thirty years. The top of the German entry-level luxury sedan arms race, and continuously beating out Japanese and American counterparts, it epitomizes driving pleasure. Going into 2016, the Bavarian automaker has employed a few changes to keep it on top.


Two Decades Later: a 1993 BMW M5 Retro Review

When it comes to unbiased and fair reviews of vehicles from all across the industry, the folks at MotorWeek know what they're doing. So when we checked out a retro review from them about the 1993 BMW M5 saying that it's the best sports sedan in the world, we knew we could trust their opinion. Thanks to an aerodynamic style, a high-power engine sprinting from 0-60mph in just six seconds flat, and handling that can take on any turn at any speed, the '93 M5 looks to be a sports sedan that could compete with today's competition…


Style and Performance Since Way Back: The 1939 327/28 Coupe

It's our favorite day of the week here in Grayson BMW blogland; a day to pause for a bit, and reflect on our roots. That's right, it's Throwback Thursday! Today, the @BMW Twitter team has brought us this picture of a pristine-looking 1939 BMW 327/28. Turning heads since... forever. The #BMW 327/28 Coupé was built in 1939. #ThrowbackThursday — BMW (@BMW) August 6, 2015 The 327/28 was the higher-powered sibling to the 327. With the 2.0-liter straight-six engine produ
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Tell your story with the BMW 7 Series and BMW Individual Collection

What makes you an individual? Perhaps it's the color of your hair, the ways you spend your weekend, or the car you drive. At Grayson BMW, we put you behind the wheel of something that makes you stand out not just because it's a stunning new BMW model, but because it's been individualized to your taste. Tell your own story with the new BMW 7 Series and the BWM Individual Collection. Take…

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BMW Unveils Sixth-Gen 7 Series

After a lengthy wait, and enough teasers to make us really chomp at the bit, BMW has pulled back the curtain on the 2016 7 Series. While the car's design is more "evolutionary," its approach and technology is revolutionary. Combined that with its larger-yet-lighter chassis, we think it'll be a home run for high-end luxury drivers.

One of the biggest pieces of news for the sixth-gen 7 Series is its use of Carbon…


The BMW 6 Series is a Modern Motive Monument

Near the top of the BMW's luxury range sits a car that never fails to stand out. We're talking about the new 6 Series Gran Coupe, a model that puts a four-door spin on a two-door legend. With four potent trims, an Alpina and M edition, this is the kind of car that gets noticed in a cosmic level.

Such is the subject of a recent commercial put out by BMW's film…