BMW's Launch of New BMW i3 and i8

    Yesterday, was the official launch of the all-new and revolutionary BMW i3 and i8. The first vehicles to emerge under the i sub-brand were introduced to the world in front of journalist from around the world.

    First i models will come to market starting in 2013 and bring with them a series of new technology and unique characteristics. With the BMW i3 and i8, the company places an emphasis on the use of CFRP, the lighweight material that will solve some of the weight problems of current vehicles, as well as providing impressive fuel consumption levels.

    The three cylinder (500cc architecture) gas engine for the i8. It is connected to an automatic transaxle. The coordination between the electric motor at the front wheels and the IC engine at the rear requires that an automatic transmission be used. The chassis of the i3, batteries in the floor, has deformable aluminum structures in the rocker area to protect the 'fuel' container. The CFRP passenger cell is extraordinarily stiff and allows for the unique design and the pillarless access to the interior.

    This new vehicle with it's ingenious design and incredible durability using the new lightweight yet stronger materials will be what the future holds when it comes to future technology in vehicle production. All the work and planning that BMW puts into what they do always seems to pay off in the end for the consumers and not just the company itself.

    For more information on getting your hands on cars that are ahead of the pack so to speak, call Andrea DeMarco at Grayson BMW in Knoxville 865.209.7273 or The new i3 and i8 series may not be here for a length of time, but just knowing how BMW thinks, reacts, and builds makes it obvious what type of manufacturer they are today.