We may just be at the start of what promises to be a wet and rainy spring here in Knoxville, but in a few short months, the weather will be warm, sunny, and perfect for driving all around Tennessee. And if you're like a lot of the Knoxville, TN drivers we've served over the years, then you really relish those summertime drives, and you'd love to have a car that can help you enjoy them to the fullest. Luckily, that car is coming soon to our Knoxville, TN BMW dealership, and its name is the new BMW Z4.

If you're looking for a roadster with a sense of style and vibrance on the open road, the upcoming BMW Z4 is the first and last model you should look to. With its sleek and compact body style dominated by strongly defined sweeping lines, the redesigned BMW Z4 looks sets a new paradigm for style, and it drives just as dynamically as it looks to boot.

With a perfect 50/50 weight distribution and up to 255 horsepower available from its retuned BMW TwinPower Turbo Engine, the BMW Z4 promises sharp handling, supremely responsive road manners, and prompt acceleration that'll never leave you wanting for more power.

Plus, with an electric convertible soft-top that can be operated at speeds of up to 31 mph, the new BMW Z4 lets you really enjoy open air driving to the fullest in the summertime, so it's perfect for a cruise out to nearby Maryville to catch a feature at the Parkway Drive-In.

As mentioned before, the BMW Z4 is set to debut at our Knoxville, TN dealership in the very near future, so if you'd like to be among the first to drive it when it comes out, you'll want to schedule your test drive soon. Stop in to Grayson BMW today and reserve your spot.

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