2016 BMW 3 Series Continues the Legend

It's hard to dispute the sales crown the BMW 3 Series has worn for nigh on thirty years. The top of the German entry-level luxury sedan arms race, and continuously beating out Japanese and American counterparts, it epitomizes driving pleasure. Going into 2016, the Bavarian automaker has employed a few changes to keep it on top.

The 3 Series invented practicality when it came to entry-level luxury sedans, and with every model year and generation, it builds on that by offering more features and a more fine-tuned drive. That's why enthusiasts covet this bimmer so, and have secured it a place at the top of the automotive pantheon. With the 2016 refresh about to hit dealerships, we're intrigued to hear what the reviewers think.

Get their scoop in the video below.

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