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    For a pre-owned BMW to become certified, it has to go through a comprehensive certification process. Only late-model BMWs with less than 60,000 miles are eligible to be certified. Qualifying vehicles then undergo a thorough inspection by a BMW-trained technician. Systems and components-everything from engine performance to the operation of the glove box-are meticulously checked. And of course, particular attention is paid to all the safety functions.

    Every vehicle is checked and tested according to our comprehensive Certified Pre-Owned vehicle inspection checklist. While other luxury automakers boast about how many points their checklists may have, we're more concerned…
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    2012 BMW 3 series in Knoxville, TN

    Grayson BMW in Knoxville, TN is excited to announce that the new 2012 BMW 3 series are here!!!  The new body style of the 2012 3 series is elegant and a very impressive.

    The redesigned 3-series sedan arrived this February. Slightly larger than before, the new 3-series has a bit more space inside, but BMW claims to have kept the weight from increasing. A new turbo four-cylinder powers the base version and boosts fuel economy…

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    BMW X4 Confirmed for Productin in 2014!!

    More details have emerged about BMW's forthcoming X4. As previously reported by CAR, the new 2014 X4 is in essence a baby X6 - a sort of squashed coupe-cum-4x4 to appeal to outward-going types.

    Now Frank-Peter Arndt, BMW's board member in charge of production, has confirmed the new BMW X4 will be built at Plant Spartanburg in South Carolina, USA.

    Mnich is investing a further $900 million in Spartangburg between now and 2014, neatly coinciding with the launch of the X4.

    Why BMW is launching the new X4

    'This is in response to rising global demand for our BMW…

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    Additional Thoughts On The New BMW 3 Series

    The F30 3 Series sedan represents the sixth generation of the 3er. BMW followed the captivating 2002 with the 3 series, and while the 2002 brought the buzz to the brand; the 3 series brought the sales.

        The E36 3er was the last of the truly 'compact' 3 series. The F30 may be bigger than the original E23 7 series (a quick check of the numbers show that the wheelbase of the F30 3er is…

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