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    Grayson BMW Welcomes the 2014 M3 Sedan Model

    While each and every one of our 2014 BMW new model lineup members here at Grayson BMW can get your heart racing, as well as delight your eyes, there is certainly something special about the BMW M Series. These models kick the already industry leading performance levels up another notch, and the 2014 iterations sports excellently sleek styling as well. But sometimes, it is simply better to show than to tell.

    For a test drive…

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    The BMW 328d is Bringing Performance and Efficiency to Knoxville

    Performance has been the top priority for new BMW enthusiasts in Knoxville, TN and beyond from day one. And while we certainly have no intention of throwing you off of your game, we're pleased to report that you can also add efficiency into the mix without losing a bit of steam.

    280 lb-ft of torque should get you going in a hurry and that 45 mpg on the highway will keep you out in…

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    BMW Releases Full Details About the Upcoming 2 Series Coupes

    It has been a long time coming for BMW fans both here in our Knoxville, TN and nationally, as we have eagerly anticipated the release of the upcoming addition of the 2 Series to the new BMW model lineup, and finally, we have our answers as BMW has made the full production version and specifications on two of the models, with BMW's aim of having them in the showroom by early 2014. Let's…

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    Drivers Can Track Lap Times with New BMW M App

    The BMW M line of vehicles adds extra, track-ready performance to the equation, which of course increases the amount of thrills behind the wheel. For those in Knoxville, TN who enjoy taking these high-end vehicles to a closed course to test their mettle, and want one place that can track it all, BMW has the app for you.

    With the M Laptimer, drivers can connect this iPhone-only app up with the iDrive system available on?

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    BMW X5 Plug-In to Set Tone for Hybrid Lineup

    Those who value luxury, high performance, and innovation turn to new BMW models. It's a no-brainer. The automaker envisions a future where efficiency also joins that list of characteristics. That's why they are working to bring a plug-in hybrid to every model they make, and the first one could be set for production and arrival soon.

    The BMW X5 crossover is set for a plug-in electric vehicle (PHEV). We've seen the concept?

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    BMW i8 Unveiled at Frankfurt Motor Show

    All of us here at Grayson BMW get excited when the Frankfurt Motor Show rolls around. This year, the all-new BMW i8 plug-in hybrid sports car had its world debut and was met with acclaim from fans, industry experts, and more.

    Over the past few years, plug-in hybrid and all electricl vehicles have seen incredible growth in the  market, and BMW is looking to cash in with their new i8 plug in hybrid.


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    BMW Sales up More than 45 Percent in the U.S.

    The summer months have been very good for our choice Bavarian automaker, BMW, who is reporting a total of 30,546 models sold between its BMW and MINI brands and representing a 35.4 percent increase, to boot, for the month of August in the U.S.

    As for just BMW on its own, the specific entity is demonstrating even greater gains to the tune of 45.7 percent with a total of 24,523?

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    Upcoming BMW Z5 Sports Car Could Share Platform with Toyota Supra

    Do you remember the Toyota Supra? A superstar sports car produced by Toyota from 1978 to 2002, this model inspired Toyota fans across the world with its appearances in music videos, films, video games, and television shows. It also impressed on the track, where it showed off its super-powerful engine. Rumor has it, BMW's new sports car, the upcoming BMW Z5, could share a platform with this iconic and much-beloved model.

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