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    BMW Finds the Solution to all our Environmental Needs and It Starts with the Letter i

    It took us some time to realize, to notice, to look down at the little one standing beside us and think: "What kind of planet are we leaving them?" We never once stopped loving or caring for future generations but just forgot to place a good foot forward and ensure that the issues we are facing now don't become detrimental in the future.  However, we have finally found our way and regained a perspective…

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    BMW M4 Circles its Way to a Guinness World Record

    Guinness World Records seem to rally run the gamut between eye-catching and impressive to weird and even wild. That being said, when BMW gets in on the record-setting action, you know it's going to be worth reading about. In fact, we'll do you one better, and let you see for yourself what the BMW M4 managed to do in just one minute.

    That's just the M4 being the M4. Donuts seems to?

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    New Video Shows Off an Innovative BMW X5 Concept

    Already one of the most popular members of our BMW model lineup, the X5 may become even more popular in future model years, as a new, conceptual version of the model is starting to generate a ton of buzz online. Have a look.

    Impressive stuff, isn't it? What makes it all possible if the BMW eDrive system; an all-electric motor that delivers responsive torque for its drivers, all at an emissions-free clip. However, for…

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    i8 Therefore iBMW Hybrid Sports Car

    BMW vehicles have been dropping jaws for nearly 100 years, but when you get behind the wheel of the premier 2015 BMW i8 hybrid sports car, you're going to have to peel your onlookers off the ceiling. There is nothing cookie-cutter, standard, predictable or imitative about this luxury performance vehicle.

    Blending electricity with gas power for a fuel-efficient, racetrack-worthy ride, the i8 is utterly futuristic in more ways than one. Aside from its revolutionary…

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    BMW Arrives at Paris Motor Show with Two New Models

    The Paris Motor Show is currently taking place in the legendary City of Love and here at Grayson BMW, we have kept our eyes and ears open for the latest news concerning out favorite German automaker to pass down to our fellow fans in the Alcoa, TN area.

    The BMW brand chose to debut not only one vehicle, but two. The first is the all-new 2 Series Convertible and the second is the 2015 BMW…

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    Performance-Oriented M Series BMW Models Featured in New Video

    Every single one of our BMW new models is constructed inch by inch to provide an amazing driving experience for owners. But even within that lineup, the most highly performance-tuned among them are the M Series. Those models were just featured in an amazing new video, so we wanted to highlight the Series here for you today.

    The M Series is a set of coupes, convertibles, sedans, and even an SAV model that have all…

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    Keep on drifting with the 2015 BMW M5

    Since it isn't every day that we get to feed our need for speed through the power of drifting here at Grayson BMW, one can hardly blame us for keeping the good times rolling around these parts. The last time touched base, Rhys Millen was showing us how it's done behind the wheel of a BMW M235i. This time around, all eyes on the new 2015 BMW M5.

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    BMW 235i Driven by World Drifting Champion in New Video

    While every model in the BMW new model lineup provides exhilarating performance, there is just something about a coupe model that makes it super fun to drive. And the BMW M235i Coupe is an incredibly high-performing one. Put it in the hands of 2008 World Drifting Champion Rhys Millen, and the results are seriously impressive.

    The M235i draws it ample power from a 3.0-liter, inline six-cylinder engine with TwinPower engine which produces 320 horsepower…

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    Danny Way Ollies Everything to Hop into a BMW M3

    BMW's latest video series tell a tale that many are familiar with: the fantasy of owning your dream car. And for this particular high-profile dreamer, it was the BMW 3 Series that caught his eye from a young age, and it was the 2014 BMW M3 that ultimately made its way into his garage.

    What professional skateboarder Danny Way sees in the performance 3 Series model mirrors what he sees in his sport: meticulous?

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