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    Tell your story with the BMW 7 Series and BMW Individual Collection

    What makes you an individual? Perhaps it's the color of your hair, the ways you spend your weekend, or the car you drive. At Grayson BMW, we put you behind the wheel of something that makes you stand out not just because it's a stunning new BMW model, but because it's been individualized to your taste. Tell your own story with the new BMW 7 Series and the BWM Individual Collection. Take…

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    BMW Unveils Sixth-Gen 7 Series

    After a lengthy wait, and enough teasers to make us really chomp at the bit, BMW has pulled back the curtain on the 2016 7 Series. While the car's design is more "evolutionary," its approach and technology is revolutionary. Combined that with its larger-yet-lighter chassis, we think it'll be a home run for high-end luxury drivers.

    One of the biggest pieces of news for the sixth-gen 7 Series is its use of Carbon…

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    The BMW 6 Series is a Modern Motive Monument

    Near the top of the BMW's luxury range sits a car that never fails to stand out. We're talking about the new 6 Series Gran Coupe, a model that puts a four-door spin on a two-door legend. With four potent trims, an Alpina and M edition, this is the kind of car that gets noticed in a cosmic level.

    Such is the subject of a recent commercial put out by BMW's film…

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    An Inside Look at the Luxury-Loaded 2015 BMW 3 Series

    Originally introduced in 1975, the BMW 3 Series is a legend not only of the Bavarian brand's lineup, it's a staple of the entire automotive landscape!  For years, the 3 Series has remained one perennially popular pony, eventually evolving into BMW's best-selling model.  Take a peek at the clip below to learn why the 3 Series' flame is seemingly inextinguishable:

    For 2015, the 3 Series can be had in either sedan or?

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    BMW 3 Series is Selling Better Than Ever

    If you follow the automotive news gauntlet like we do, you'll know that there was a recent tallying of sales for all luxury automakers that participate in the U.S. market. Of all of them, BMW was ranked tops, with 78,000 vehicles sold this year. Leading the sales charge was none other than the 3 Series, which saw a sales jump of its own.

    The growth in 3 Series sales was 47 percent…

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    'Go farther' with BMW brand's first-ever BMW 4x

    It's 2015, friends, which means it's time to finally break out of your shell, unleash your character, and dare to go everywhere. Sounds like quite the charge, right? These words of confidence have been influenced by the all-new, first-ever BMW X4. See for yourself.

    Go forth and explore behind the wheel of the new BMW X4 with the power of a BMW TwinPower Turbo petrol and Turbo diesel engine. Challenge yourself to new…

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    BMW X5 adds third row seating for backseat driver

    We've all been stuck in an uncomfortable carpool situation with a backseat driver who has no filter whatsoever. Fortunately, the BMW brand has addressed this widespread issue with their release of the Premium Package for the BMW X5. Take a look.

    Things can get awkward very quickly, so why not rely on our team at Grayson BMW to help you find a new BMW model to make things a bit more comfortable?

    The good…

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    See BMW's Fantastic New Super Bowl Ad

    The Super Bowl is rapidly approaching and with it comes some of the most exciting advertising of the year. One of the biggest draws for the Super Bowl is the advertising, with all the ads being above and beyond conventional advertising. For BMW, it is a perfect opportunity to showcase the BMW i3 with a hilarious new ad.


    Starring Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel, the ad shows a clip from 1994 of the duo explaining…

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    BMW Reveals Ace Up The Sleeve At CES

    In our last blog post we shared some exciting news about the BMW i3. The car had been awarded the 2015 Green Car of the Year award which is a highly coveted honor. Now with the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, BMW is showing off a little with unsuspecting couples.

    A video was released recently which shows two couples getting into two separate i3 models and taking them for a spin. One couple even…

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    The i's Are On Fire

    After winning the honor of being named the 2015 Green Car of the Year, the BMW i3 has more bragging rights than ever. Along with its sibling, the plug-in hybrid BMW i8, these two prove that style, power, and sustainability go hand in hand (in hand).

    The i8 gets a combined 357 horsepower but takes a hit due to its $135,700. The i3 is more easily budgeted for, starting at $41,350, but has…

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