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    Keep on drifting with the 2015 BMW M5

    Since it isn't every day that we get to feed our need for speed through the power of drifting here at Grayson BMW, one can hardly blame us for keeping the good times rolling around these parts. The last time touched base, Rhys Millen was showing us how it's done behind the wheel of a BMW M235i. This time around, all eyes on the new 2015 BMW M5.

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    BMW 235i Driven by World Drifting Champion in New Video

    While every model in the BMW new model lineup provides exhilarating performance, there is just something about a coupe model that makes it super fun to drive. And the BMW M235i Coupe is an incredibly high-performing one. Put it in the hands of 2008 World Drifting Champion Rhys Millen, and the results are seriously impressive.

    The M235i draws it ample power from a 3.0-liter, inline six-cylinder engine with TwinPower engine which produces 320 horsepower…

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    Danny Way Ollies Everything to Hop into a BMW M3

    BMW's latest video series tell a tale that many are familiar with: the fantasy of owning your dream car. And for this particular high-profile dreamer, it was the BMW 3 Series that caught his eye from a young age, and it was the 2014 BMW M3 that ultimately made its way into his garage.

    What professional skateboarder Danny Way sees in the performance 3 Series model mirrors what he sees in his sport: meticulous?

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    Your BMW i3 and Water Question Answered

    It's often said that inquiring minds want to know, which is why our team at Grayson BMW enjoys sharing information with the drivers in our surrounding communities. It's also said that there's no such thing as a silly question, which is why we have answers for just about any automotive-related query that you have.

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    2015 BMW X4 Makes Dazzling Debut in New Commercial

    Loyal readers of our blog know that we at Grayson BMW like to deliver the goods early and often.  We consider it our duty to dish out information regarding our mutually-preferred Bavarian automaker while it's still hot and fresh.  Continuing that trend, we're eager to inform you that we'll welcome a new member to the family next month: the 2015 BMW X4.

    The X4 is a zippy crossover that straddles a line?

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    BMW X6 More Dynamic and Efficient for 2015

    If you have a winning formula, why change it? That's been the philosophy behind BMW's updates lately. And even though the brand is eschewing sweeping generational changes in favor of refining existing products, those tweaks are going a long way. Case and point, the popular X6 SAV, which will see its 2015 iteration hit showrooms this fall.

    The key phrase of the new X6 is refinement. With the application of the brand's…

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    Big Safety Honors to BMW from the IIHS

    There are a couple sources that we truly trust when it comes to judging the safety of a vehicle, and the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety is certainly among them. So when the IIHS says that two new BMW models are worthy of praise for their safety features, then you know you'd better believe it!

    During tests to measure effectiveness of crash-avoidance technologies, the BMW X5 and 5 Series were two of the four…

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    BMW M5 30th Anniversary Edition Promises Premium Beast Mode

    Anniversaries are always a fun time in the automotive industry, especially when you have a lineup as storied as BMW's. This year, we've learned that it?s the M5 performance sedan turns 30, and as the Bavarian automaker loves to do, will receive a special anniversary edition.

    Over the last 30 years, the M5 sedan has never lacked for much when it comes to power. When it was first introduced, the model boasted…

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    BMW 4-Series Woos James Blunt

    Here at Grayson BMW we're frequently heard touting the merits of the models in our showroom and for that reason today we'd like to share with you the opinions of someone outside of our dealership. Namely, that person would be the English singer-songwriter James Blunt and what he has to say about the all-new BMW 4-Series is quite exciting.

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